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2018 French Track Cycling Championships in Hyères

Less than two weeks after the European Championships you go on with the French Championships. What happened between the two competitions?

Quentin Lafargue: Everything went very fast. We spent 3 days in Paris and left for Hyères down the south just after our return from Glasgow. The program focused on maximum recovery.

You start the kilometer competition and got a silver medal despite a little slip at the start of the race…

QL: To tell you the truth, I don’t remember slipping and I’m convinced it hasn’t had any impact on the final result. I finish 2nd with a great time. I’d imagined that 1’01’8 was a winning time and finally we went even faster. Despite the good time, I’m very disappointed because I was hoping for the gold. That’s the game!

The individual speed competition is on the 2nd day. You usually don’t compete often in that race. Can you give us more details about the beginning of the day?

QL: I get the 5th time after qualifications. I was hoping for better but with little practice, it makes sense. My ambition was to be on the podium. After winning the 1/8th and ¼ final races, I meet Seb. in the ½ final.

In ½ final, you meet S. Vigier who got the qualifying best time and then G. Baugé who got the 2nd best qualifying time. How do you prepare your match against such racers?

QL: In ½ final, against Seb, I wanted to trick him and start from far to try to get him tired. Unfortunately, Seb was very strong and there was nothing I could do. I had been watching Greg’s matches since the beginning of the day. Gradually I noticed it was getting more and more difficult for him. I tried to focus on my capacities of resistance and I start sprinting from far to beat him and get the bronze medal. 

You end up the day with a new medal. It’s bronze this time. What’s your impression on your individual speed race?

QL: I am happy to be on the podium although I’d have love to be faster on the 200m to meet Seb in the final. I need to work harder to be faster in the future!!! 

The Keirin race is at the end of the 2nd day which is unusual. You and R. Halal are tied for number 2

QL: During the competition I raced and hoped for the gold till the very end! I think I did a good race. I focused on my race rather than the other favorite guys. This silver medal is a reward. Maybe one will remember that I tied for number 2 with Rayan. It‘s the first time in the French Championships.

You end up the French Championships with 3 medals in 3 different races, don’t you deserve a rest now?  

QL: The Championships results are good, but I missed the first place. Holidays are now welcome to get ready for a good start in September in Saint-Quentin.