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2019 a rainbow year

As we get to the end of 2019, it’s time to look back on a 2019 full of emotions: a World Champion title, 10 national titles, the ‘Star en piste’ gala, the project VCESQY Team Voussert.

In 3 words can you describe 2019?
Quentin Lafargue: Team-work, Self-confidence and Victories.

It’s been almost 10 months since you won the World Champion title. Looking back, what do you think of your performance?
QL: I’m happy and proud to have reached such a physical performance level. Others have done it before me i.e. perform under one minute on the kilometer race. For me I have overcome a symbolic barrier.

What impact did it have on the rest of the year?
QL: This title had a real positive influence on the rest of the season. It was a relief. Work pays of, never stop believing in yourself. I think it also allowed me to approach the rest with much more peace of mind. We, the athlete, are constantly facing our doubts. This title gave me a lot of self-confidence.

You confirmed your Kilometer World title by winning the French and the European titles. This triplet and many other medals allowed you to be on the Eurosport list of the 10 best athletes of the year. Isn’t it a nice reward?
QL: It’s a symbolic reward that means a lot to me. It brings light on my specific sport, but also on all the hard work it involves every single day for many years. I hope I will keep performing to the highest in the future to give it even more attention.

Before we move on to 2020, can you tell us about the last event of the year you took part in: ‘Star en Piste’ gala?
QL: The ‘Star en Piste’ gala is a great event launched by Guy and Charles Dauphin and also Eric Ramos. It’s an essential event for track cycling and the velodrome. This year, I’m on the organizing committee and my girl-friend, Laurie Berthon, has joined us to bolster the team. With all our hard work, we have brought together forty professional and famous cyclists from track and road cycling. During the opening ceremony this year, we had a young cyclist race. We had 4200 bystanders either seated at dinner tables or in the stands. It was a great success. I look forward to the 3rd one.

2020 is the year of the Tokyo Olympic Games. How do you prepare for such a year?
QL: Maybe the devil hides and some think one has to change because of the Olympics. I believe that I need to do the same as last year but better. One has to work on all the minor details keeping in mind the main strategy. The main two objectives of a standard year are the European Championship and the World Championship. We’ll get into the preparation for the Olympic Games as soon as the selection is known.

What are your other main objectives this year?
QL: I have a lot of ambition in team speed sprint with my teammates, and individually my objective is keirin. Besides sport, at the end of 2019 we launched the VCESQY project. We are now 4 sprinters who plan to become professionals in the next few years. It’s not a priority before the Olympic Games but by September I’ll look and develop new partnerships.

All the best for 2020.