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A second medal and a new record!

Kilo time trial after a day off

Quentin is back for the kilo time trial after a European Championship title in team sprint and a day off. "When I started on the velodrome, I felt great, and I had good feelings as I could recover during the day off on Friday. I also know that I am in a good condition with my times in team sprint".
Like at the World Championships in Hong-Kong, the competition includes a qualifying round. The 8 best times get to the final round. Quentin gets the best qualifying time: 1'00"560 and is in the final later on during the day. The Dutch cyclist and Quentin have the only two times below 1'01"000."I achieve the best record time of the qualifying rounds and I also improve my personal record time - the previous one was 1’00’’648. I am very happy but I gave a lot for the qualifying round and it’s so easy after the race".

Another medal

For the final race, cyclists compete in qualifying ranking reverse order. Quentin is first to start. His time is : 1'00"906. He reaches twice in the same day less than 1'01 but it’s not enough to keep his European title achieved a year ago at the National Velodrome. Quentin finished 3rd with the bronze medal, after the German J. Eilers, silver medal (1'00"733) and the Dutch J. Hoogland, gold medal (1'00"700). Two medals in two competitions! "On the starting line, I see that the Dutch and German competitors have done a better time than in the morning. I know I need to do better or the same to win. As I race, I feel I am on a good start so it makes me feel good but during the 2nd and 3rd lap I am slower and it cost me a victory. On the spot I’m disappointed but I have no regrets as I gave everything I had".