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A turning point

How do you feel about your new career?
Quentin Lafargue:  I truly feel great!  I’m very happy with the new challenge. It’s an important turning point in my career. I’m very excited about all the changes linked to this discipline switch.

Can you tell us more about this new project?
QL: After time and much consideration, at the beginning of July I suggested a new project to the French Cycling Federation. It’s ambitious. The objective is to be 100% prepared to integrate the Elite Pursuit French Cycling Team. From a French perspective, my profile is somewhat different but I believe it can bring something new to the team.
Personally, I keep high ambitions in the Kilometer race which is a competition compatible with the Team Pursuit. So my priority is the Team Pursuit while including the Kilometer in my training.

How did you come up with the idea and how did you build your project?
QL: I have been thinking about it for several years because I love watching the Team Pursuit race. I have noticed that over the years, Pursuit Teams cycle faster and faster and that cyclist profiles have changed. They are more muscular and able to cycle very fast. In fact some pursuit cyclists are often on the Kilometer race starting line.
I’m lucky to be able to share my views with Laurie who went through a similar career change. She was the first to support me in this new move. My thought is: it seems easier to ask a fast cycling to slow down but cycle longer rather than the other way round. The French Cycling Federation was convinced with my arguments. Now I’m off on to a great project.

What are the daily differences?  Are Sprint and Endurance groups organized the same way?
QL: It’s a great change. I made the decision to leave the SQY Olympic group, reserved for sprinters, and I’m actually building a new team. The endurance team works with gatherings. They meet regularly for training courses with the National coach, Steven Henry, but they are very independent in their daily organization. Such freedom and flexibility are very pleasant after 15 years with the Pôle France.

What are the next steps with a schedule disrupted by the Covid 19 pandemia?
QL: I’m building a new project so I’m not too focused on competition. My next steps are the different training courses I have been invited to participate to. Between each course, my objective is to progress so that each time, I show improvements. I want to take time and make things right. I’ll focus on competition when I’m ready to do so and when it’s all validated by Steven at FFC and my staff. I’m tempted by the French Championships at the end of the year.  It’s an opportunity to move in new directions and have fun.

Shall we meet next for feedback after your next training course?
QL: Great! Let’s meet up on 17th October to catch up after the second training course with the new group.