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Great start at the European Championships

Team sprint to start with

Quentin is back to competition in Berlin for the 2017 European Championships after two training months. On Thursday 19th October, first day of competition, Quentin competes in team sprint with Benjamin Edelin and Sébastien Vigier. "I hadn’t been competing since last August at the French Championships where I didn’t perform so well. When I look back, I had put pressure on myself to do well. The qualifying rounds were important to show others we were here".  The bronze medalist trio at the last World Championships does very well in the first race: 43"305 i.e. the best time before the Poles in 43"448 and the Germans in 43"573!!! They also improve their April 2017 best time by 0"085. "We gained confidence after getting the qualification best time. For me, this race did free me for what was coming ahead".

A first lap with a target: the final 

The French team had to confirm their performance to reach the final. They must win the race and must achieve one of the two best time in the first lap. "We are in the last round as we achieved the qualification rounds best time. We see all other teams improving their time, but I don’t pay attention to it. I try to stay focused on my start, my race, to be in Seb’s wheel…Anyway even if we watch others results, we know we have to go faster". During the last round, the French team is against the Belarus team, 8th and last of the qualifying rounds. The French team reaches the final with one again the best time: 43"111. For the Gold medal it will face the German team, at home. "43"111 during the first round is excellent. I felt great and Ben and Seb too. The three of us improved our times and we achieved an excellent team performance".

On top of Europe

For the last race of the evening, the three-colored trio arrives on the cycling track with a strong will to keep going further. B.Edelin and then S. Vigier start very well, Quentin is then slightly behing Joachim Eilers, the 3rd German cyclist. Quentin catches up and reaches the finish line first in 43"254. The French sprint team is European Champion!

"This victory against the Germans, with a good time for each of us, is a true satisfaction. I am very proud of us, of our achievement, and of each of us preparation investment. Thank you to my relatives, especially Laurie, my family, counsellors, coaches and teammates. I’m very proud to share such a victory with such guys".