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Keirin to finish off

Time for Keirin 

Quentin takes part in the 3rd and last competition: the Keirin after a full Saturday focused on the kilometer time trial. For this competition, the winner of each heat is on semi-final, other cyclists go through repechage.
Quentin goes to repechage as he finished 4th in his heat won by the Dutch M. Buchli. "When I get to the track my feelings are very different from the day before. I can feel yesterday’s 2 kilometers in my legs but I am a warrior and I am also very motivated. On the start line, you have a Dutch guy who I think is the best of our heat. I am second behind the British and I let him do at the beginning of the race but I am left behind and I am in the wrong spot when the Dutch speeds up to win".  
During repechage, the same rule applies. Only the winner goes to semi-final. Finally the Tcheck P. Kelemen qualifies for the semi-final. "I am n°1 and try to lead the race gradually to avoid any attack, but at half a lap from the finish line a Dutch cyclist coming from behind overtakes me and finishes ahead of me. The Keirin is over for me. I am very disappointed but I know I have the physical capacities to be better in the future. I need to work on tactics with more participation in Keirin competition".

Results and season to come 

"The European Championships result is very positive, a European title in team sprint, a competition I really enjoy and a bronze medal in kilometer time trial. I am very happy but I was hoping to do better at Keirin. Another European title makes me happy. I am proud of my contribution to the victory.  After the European Championships and a four day rest, Quentin is back to training on Thursday to get ready for the World Cup competition in Poland taking place at the beginning of November".