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Kilometer Vice World Champion 

On Sunday 16th, Quentin runs the kilometer race to finish off the world championship competition.
After a 2 day rest, Quentin is back. This race is in a new format. You have a qualifying round and then the first 8 cyclists get access to the final.
In the first race, Quentin finishes 3rd (1'00"714) and easily gets to the final. Only 2 cyclists do better than him: the Pole K. Maksel (1'00"611) and the French F. Pervis (1'00"482).



On the podium
When Quentin is on the starting line, the best time has been achieved by the Czech T. Babek (1'01"048).
Quentin starts very strongly and finishes the first lapse in 0"019s ahead. During the next 2 lapses, he looses his advance and starts the last lapse 0"043s behind. A humongous effort allows him to get back to the time done by the Czech. He crosses the finishing line with a time of 1'01"048. There are only two competitors left, Quentin and the Czech tie up and are sure to be on the podium. In the end, the French F. Pelvis takes the gold medal with a time of 1'00"714.  Quentin and the Czech takes the silver medal. 
Quentin started the World Championships with a bronze medal in the team sprint and finishes with a silver medal in the kilometer race! Quentin gets two medals at the World Championships, his best performance ever!