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Last World Cup before the World Championship

1- Two months after your last race you are back to competition in Minsk. What happened during that time?

After Manchester, I had a rest and then an intense training period up until Christmas. I was supposed to rest during the holiday season but I have had the flu… I went back to training with the group at the SQY (Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines National Vélodrome) still tired. Then we left for Minsk.

2- This World Cup meeting starts with team sprint with the qualification 2nd best time. How do you feel after the race?

We finish second of the qualifying round with room for improvement for all. Our time was not great, but conditions on the first day were not either. After all, after the race, I think France can get a victory the next day for the first round and make it to the final round.
It’s planned that I take part only in the qualifying rounds in order to be available for Keirin.
The coaches tested every rider and rotate riders.

3- Actually you do not ride on the 2nd day of competition in the team sprint. Was the objective the same as during the previous World Cup meetings ie to rotate and test several riders?

The Keirin race was on the same day as the team sprint final. The objective was a total focus on that competition to get points for France. Naturally riders rotated in team sprint.

4- Despite all these changes, France wins the overall ranking in team sprint. It shows the quality of the French group?

It shows we are consistent in our results. Whatever the competition each time we manage to finish within the 4 best. France has a beautiful group strength and it’s really excellent for the future.

5-  On the other hand, you take part in the Keirin race. You manage to qualify for the 2nd round after repechage. How do you feel after these 2 races?

I started the Keirin not as expected, I was suffering. I win my repechage match which gives me confidence. When I get to the 2nd round, I’m ready to fight.

6- You finish 3rd of he 2nd round and are qualified for the final but you get disqualified. Why is it so?

During the semi final, I lead the race early. As M. Buchli, future winner takes the lead with L.Oliva behind him, I am behind and know I need to be strong to stay 3rd. The last meters are very intense and I slightly come off my lane in the last stretch. Really, it’s not that important but organisers have applied very strict rules.

7- What’s your mindset for the 7-12 final?

I’m very disappointed but I know I have to do my best to get points for qualification. In the end I finish 11th.

8- The World Championship in Apeldoorn is the next competition. Do you know when the selection will be announced?

It should be announced next week as the preparing session starts on Monday 29th January.