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On the way to Apeldoorn

Quentin first reactions after being selected for the World Championship in Apeldoorn/Netherlands from February 28 to March 4.

It’s official news, you’ll take part in the Aperdoorn World Championship end of February. It’s no surprise but how do you feel about it? 

Quentin Lafargue: First of all, I am very happy to be once again part of the French Team. I’m very grateful to the coaches and staff for their trust. It’s important to enjoy being chosen! It’s not all but I worked hard to be once again on the starting line of the World Championship so I’m delighted.

How do you feel three weeks away? 

QL: We have been practicing with the all team for a week at the SQY National Velodrome. We all work well together and we adjust technical details with video feedbacks. I feel good. We have important workloads but we know we have to go through all this!

How do you prepare for the World Championship?

QL: The season main objective is the World Championship. We get ready for it all through the season by including intermediary competitions, like the world cups in order to get a real feedback on our work. So we do not have a specific preparation, it’s all the planning done with the coaches and the issue that help us to step up your level.

The Apeldoorn Velodrome often host competitions (the last one in 2016 was a World Cup competition). 

Can you tell us about the track, the atmosphere there? 

QL: I have been several times to the Apeldoorn Velodrome, so I know it well. It’s usually packed and there is a good atmosphere! Dutch people love biking!! The track is quite different from the SQY National Vedodrome, curves are not so steep. We need to adjust some of our strategies. 

As you did in Hong Kong last year, you’ll take part in 3 competitions (team sprint, keirin and kilometer races). It is a challenging program, isn’t it?

QL: Yes it is. UCI, as they did in Hong Kong, kept the same course of competitions which means it follows nicely. We start with team sprint, keirin is on the next day, then a 2 day rest to finish with the kilometer race. I find  this program gives you a chance to recover. On the evening of team sprint, we’ll have to be efficient and back early at the hotel. 

What are your objectives?

QL: In team spring, we have a strong team. In 2017 in Hong Kong, we got the bronze medal. We hope for at least the same and maybe a different color of medal this time. I think of B. Edelin who is not with us this year.  I feel sad for him because he’s a good friend. But I know he’s working hard to come back even stronger!! Coaches give me a chance in Keirin. After 2 small finals in World Cups, I really want to do better and I know I can! And last, it’s the kilometer race where I finished 2nd in 2017.  This year, one Australian guy shows incredible times. It’s going to be tough but I go there to get great results!!

Thank you Quentin and all the best for the World Championship!!