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The two first World Cup of the season

The World Cup meetings this year are in PruszKow (Poland) and Manchester (North UK). Now that Quentin is back in France, he provides on his website an update on the last two weeks.

Question 1: Two weeks after the European Championships, you are back to team sprint but with a different team? Why is it so?

We started the qualifying rounds with a change in our team compared to the European Championships. It will occur all through the season as we are only 3 riders in team sprint. The objective is to test each one of us in the different places. Melvin started in the team for this World Cup meeting. It had been planned for a long time and it all went very well.

Question 2: Sebastien return in the three for the 1st round, is it to keep practicing together or is it strategy?

The objective is to rotate the riders during all world cups and for this one, we were 4, Ben, Melvin, Seb and I. The 1st round is the most important during this kind of meeting. It makes sense to have the best performing ones to start. It’s for that reason that Herman (national team sprint coach ed) made the decision to have Sebastien in that round. In fact, this world cup program was very complicated. Team sprint and Keirin were on the same day and Sebastien was planned to be in Keiring. We had to adjust.

Question 3: You win a new medal with the team with 3 good times, are you satisfied?

Yes, 3 good times,  43’5 (x2) and 43’1. It’s motivating. We capitalize on our good start of the season and the European Championships title. Although it’s a good result, we are not happy as we finish second.

Question 4: At the Manchester World Cup, for the next round you have a new team with Sebastien and Melvin. What’s the objective?

This new team was mandatory as Benjamin was hurt and didn’t ride in Manchester. We changed the team in the 1st and 2Nd places to get to the final. We knew it would be difficult but we did put in all our energy during that weekend.

Question 5: With a better time in the 2Nd round, you finish 5th. Is it motivating with all the changes in the team?

Obviously we are disappointed as we do not reach the final and we always did this season. But that the way it goes in top sport.

Question 6: You finish with a victory in Keirin. In 4 races, 2 wins (repechage and final) and a 3rd place. It’s motivating, isn’t it?

During the last round in Keirin, I fail to reach the final round and compete for the small final. Nevertheless it’s a high level as you have the 2016 and 2017 world champions: Eilers and Awang. I was happy to compete with them and it was a good race. I am pleased to finish with a victory. I hope my coaches will be happy with my achievements and will trust me for another world cup meeting.