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Back to 2020

As year-end draws near, let’s look back on 2020. What have you accomplished during this unusual year?
Quentin Lafargue: We have never known such an unusual year. Nevertheless it brought me unexpected twists and turns. At the beginning of the year, I was in Canada, with my two club teammates, for the World Cup, and we achieved a beautiful victory. It’s one of the image I keep in mind this year. Also I’m very pleased with the level I showed at the World Championship in Berlin. I achieved the best international kilometer race performance, at sea level and got the silver medal in final.
Then the Covid pandemia dramatically impacted the season and it was time to think over. I used lockdown time to step back on my carrier. Since then, a new project is born and is being built. It’s a very rewarding experience.

Your last competition was in February during the World Championships, do you miss competing?
QL: To tell you the truth, this mandatory break brought me a lot of good. I didn’t miss competing so much. However, the cancellation of the last competitions one after the one and the experience of watching the European Championships from my sofa, boosted my ambition and desire to compete. I look forward to 2021!

How can you be motived during your training sessions when you have no upcoming deadlines, and no specific objectives?
QL: The sporting challenge ahead with Team Pursuit is extremely motivating for me while I train. I learn how to work on longer effort times and I discover how my body reacts to it. Objectives are not competitions but on values I need to improve to progress. It’s also an interesting challenge for me! I now look forward to 2021 which I hope will be different and will allow us to cycle. My first objectives are the European Nations Cup 1st Round and the European Championships in June.

Your project to integrate the Team Pursuit: how is it coming along?
QL: It’s all going very well! In September, October, November, I took part in 3 different training programs with the new group. It went very well even if it’s very hard physically. I learned a lot and it gave me the opportunity to set my work objectives with my team in order to develop my physical capacities.
The staff and cyclists gave me an extremely warm welcome. Steven Henry, the new national coach for men, took the time to show me all the Team Pursuit performance factors. It was very valuable.

Can you tell me which are the 2- 3 priorities you work on?
QL: At the moment, I specifically work on developing my aerobic system. I practice on the road but also on Wattbike to increase my PMA and my lactic threshold values. I’ve never been so sweaty on Wattbike!!!!!

What are your plans for year-end celebrations? Are you going to be on a rest or work cycle?
QL: I have worked well since September. Work cycles kept coming and progress has been made. I can’t wait to see what it’ll be like on track. My staff allows me a lighter period of training to enjoy Christmas with the family. I follow up with a trip to Guadeloupe where I’ll enjoy the sun, cycling, and will have good time with my friend Thierry Jollet, a former sprinter, who leaves there now.